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Memorial Gifts
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A Memorial Gift honoring those who have died
During the period of mourning the death of a friend or family member our need to express feelings of loss and sorrow is enormous; sometimes overwhelming. Since we can no longer speak directly to those who have died, often an act of kindness to someone else helps to convey our feelings. It makes us feel better even if only for a moment. Sending cards and messages of sympathy as well as memorial contributions to charity have traditionally been ways of channeling our sorrow and providing healing. If it is in keeping with your personal feelings and customs, may we suggest a memorial gift in the name of someone you loved and admired to help continue the work of Catholic Charities? For more than 100 years Catholic Charities has offered a myriad of services to the poor, disadvantaged and disenfranchised. Your memorial gift honors those who have died and continues the works of mercy of Catholic Charities in their names.
The Work of Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Paterson
Did you know Catholic Charities offers legal aid and advocacy, programs for people with addictions, group homes for persons with development disabilities, counseling, food and shelter programs and many other human services? And we serve all people regardless of their religious beliefs.
Your Memorial Gift Will Make a Difference
All contributions fund direct services to our people. You can be sure of good stewardship of your contribution and responsible allocation of funds to projects worth of your support.
You May Direct Your Gift
You may also indicate which program or service you especially want to support and direct your contribution there.

Your gift is tax deductible

Please contact Tom Barrett in the Catholic Charities Development Office at 973-523-4456 or via email to

Click here to make an online memorial donation